Home Catering: Tips for Hosts

If you decided to sell your house then the best way of doing so is to open it to the perspective buyers and also attract them with something. According to professional real-estate agents in Toronto the best way is to make an offer with a little buffet. Here are several tips for doing so.


When you are selling the house it is important to show the buyers all the possible space. So when you are planning a home catering try to put everything in one place so that all the other rooms will be free to walk through. In case of selling the house unfurnished, make sure to put some table or counter to serve the buffet. In case of selling a furnished house, put the food either in the kitchen or in the dining room. Make sure that the food has access from all sides.


Depending on the size of your home catering, Toronto professionals advise to hire special staff to serve the food and drinks. In case of a buffet two people will be enough, if you plan a little party, think about the quantity of possible buyers. In any case extra help will be more than needed on such an occasion, so do not hesitate.

Work out quantities

This is the part of your home catering that should be discussed with professionals. With no doubt, you expect some number of people to come, but you need to always make sure that you have some extra for unexpected guests! There is no need to make ten different dishes in small quantities, it is better to make three kinds but in bigger amounts to make sure that no one will leave hungry and unsatisfied. Same thing goes for drinks!

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Apart from general considerations, home catering safety is essential. Read out tips here and remember them!